Running In UK  - Routes

There are some breath taking running spots in the UK, whether you are an experienced runner or a beginner, we are sure to have a route that you will enjoy.

If you need somewhere local to your area for a morning jog before you start work, why not try a local park. Council run parks often open at dawn, are well lit for dark evenings and have great grassy, hills and concrete routes.  If there isn’t a park near you, try the local high street, the only problem with running on the street is that they are often crowded and crossing the roads can be dangerous.

Running can be a thrilling hobby, why not jog with friends, family or a partner. Try finding a great spot in the countryside, there are plenty of national parks

Trek to Machu Picchu and discover the Inca trail for yourself! This four day route offers breath taking sights of ancient ruins and some interesting archaeological sites. Private Expedition treks take dedication and willing, but if you have the passion, we have the knowledge to make you lifelong memories.


Everything you need to know to go for a nice run or jog